The Southern Galaxy Catalogue, Version 2.0

by Harold G. Corwin, Jr., Antoinette de Vaucouleurs, and Gerard de Vaucouleurs

Originally published in 1985 as The University of Texas Monographs in Astronomy No. 4, the Southern Galaxy Catalogue (SGC) and the two ESO-Uppsala Surveys (Lauberts 1982, Lauberts and Valentijn 1989) formed the core lists of southern galaxies for the Third Reference Catalogue (RC3). A somewhat enhanced version of SGC (SGC 1.1, with many updated and new positions) was prepared in 1991 before its incorporation into NED. A few further corrections were made before the previous version (SGC 1.2) appeared on my Caltech web site in the mid-1990s. That version was carried over to my current web pages at the time of my retirement in 2011.

The current SGC 2.0 includes improved J2000 positions, diameters reduced to the 25.0 magnitudes arcsecond^2^ isophote, full VRHS types and DDO luminosity classes, position angles, V-band magnitudes, B-V colors, and redshifts, nearly all collected from published sources. The previous version, SGC 1.2 is still available here for reference.

SGC 2.0 is currently available in five 7-bit ASCII text files:

  1. sgc20.txt SGC, Version 2.0, diameters and axis ratios given as logD (D in units of 0.1 arcminutes) and logR (R = D/d).
  2. sgc20am.txt SGC, Version 2.0a, major and minor diameters given in arcminutes.
  3. sgc20.fmt A short example file for SGC 2.0 with column headers.
  4. sgc20intro.txt A brief introductory file for SGC 2.0
  5. sgc20doc.txt Documentation for this release.

Latest update: 26 November 2019